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Anchor and Hangers

Wall Hanging Hardware and Anchors

One of the most fun and rewarding parts of home ownership is decorating, including hanging things on the walls. The last thing you would want is to damage your walls or have treasured objects fall down and break, and it's not as simple as merely hammering a nail into the wall. Midland Hardware has everything you need to hang anything from any type of wall, safely and securely.

Whether you want to hang beloved family photographs, favorite artwork, trophy plaques from work or school, or anything else, we have the best wall anchors and hangers for the job. Whether your walls are wood, masonry, drywall, or any other type of surface, we have the anchors and hangers needed to get the job done properly. We also have specialized hangers for different types of objects, like cup hooks, mirror hangers, and more. If you have to hang anything, you can get all you need right here.

  • Hooks Ceiling
    Ceiling Hook, Suspended Ceiling Track Hanger, Swivel Hooks
  • Hooks Cup
    Vinyl Coated, Cup Hooks, Decorative, Safety Cup
  • Hooks Wall
    Picture Hangers, Hanging Kit, Wall Biter Picture Hangers
  • Pins
    Escutcheon Pin, Push Pins, Safety Lock Hitch Pin, Long Top Link Pin
  • S Hooks
    Light Closed in. S in. Hook, Heavy Open in. S in. Hook
  • S Hooks Stainless Steel
    Stainless Steel Open in. S in. , Sizes and Weight Allowances Vary
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