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Pool and Spas

If you need Pool and Spa Products you have come to the right place. We have over 130 different products to choose from such as Pool Equipment to Swimming pools as well as Spa Chemicals. So don't wait get yours today when you shop right here at Midland Hardware.
  • Pool Chemicals
    Pool Winterizing, Closing Shock, Clarifier, Chlorine Tablets, Test Strips
  • Pool Equipment
    Wall Brush, Leaf Rake, Skimmer, Thermometer, Pool Vaccuum
  • Pool Toys
    Foam Pool Tubes, Water Gun, Wacky Noodle, Water Balloon, Water Launcher
  • Spa Chemicals
    Defoamer, Bromine Start, Stain Control, Chlorinating Sanitizer
  • Swim Gear
    Arm Floats, Pool Mask, Snorkel, Kickboard, Float Fins, Aquatic Goggles
  • Swimming Pools
    Pool/Filter, Wading Pool, Hi-Slide Pool, Snapset Pool, Swim Center, Pump
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