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Assortment Kits

Screw and Nail Assortment Kits

Need a pack or assortment of small hardware? Don't have time to go through our catalog and pick out nails, screws, tacks, or other items individually? Check out these assortment kits! Each one includes several items that you'll need for a specific task, or many sizes of a particular item. Get screws and anchors together, or an assorted pack of nails, or more.

Have a squeaky floor? Tired of annoying noises caused by stepping in that area, or waking up your family whenever you have to get up at night? Among our kits we have a Squeak No More kit, perfect for eliminating squeaky floors under carpet.

As always, Midland Hardware has the solution to every home repair and maintenance problem, and at an affordable price, too!

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Brad Nails/Tacks Assortment, 20-oz.
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