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Bikes Skates and Tricycles

Bikes, Tricycles, and Wagons - Equipment, Parts & Accessories

At Midland Hardware, we have everything needed to get both kids and adults rolling along on wheels! We have bicycles for all ages, and all the safety gear and accessories required to ride safely and have the most fun. We have bicycle carrier attachments for child seats and cargo racks, handlebars, grips, locks, and all the accessories you need to customize your bike the way you want.

We also carry safety gear like helmets, at an affordable price so you can replace them after any impact as recommended. We carry pedals, repair kits, and more to make sure your bike is operating at peak efficiency and has no risk of malfunction. If you want a new seat for comfort, we carry those as well, and we also have racks to attach your bike to your car for transport. Ride anywhere!

For kids, we have bicycles in several sizes and training wheels that can be attached. Young children love tricycles, and we carry the classic Big Wheel as well as others. We also have wagons, bumper cars, and other awesome toys. Check it all out here at Midland Hardware!

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