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Wires, Cords & Accessories

Is there anything more annoying than not having power when and where you need it? Stop digging through the closet for extension cords and stock up right here on all the cords, adapters, and plugs you need! We have both indoor and outdoor plugs and connectors, grounding adapters, outlet taps to help you safely increase the number of available outlets, and more.

Having the proper cords and adapters isn't just a matter of convenience, but also of safety. Whether you need twist-to-lock plugs, straight blade plugs, heavy-duty reels and storage for your power cords, or anything else, Midland Hardware is proud to serve your needs!

  • Taps Cube
    Tri Tap Adapters, Cube Taps, Cube Adapters, Grounding Adapter
  • Taps Current
    Lamp Holders With Outlets, Keyless Current Tap, Pull Tap
  • Taps Outlet
    2 Pole, 2 Wire, Triple Plug Adapters, Swivel Adapters
  • Bulk Wire
    low voltage service cord, lamp cord, speaker wire, cat5, phone wire
  • Extension Cords
    Master Electrician, Outdoor Extension Cord, Christmas Tree Cord
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