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Conduit and Junction Boxes

It's vital to get your wiring right, and Midland Hardware is proud to carry everything you need to ensure you do the job well with the best tools and materials. We have a huge selection of conduit and junction boxes, cable connectors, electrical metallic tubing, couplers, wire holders, PVC parts and fittings, surface wiring cord covers, and more.

We pride ourselves on supplying you with all the crucial parts for getting your project done safely. Whether you�re building from the ground up, performing repairs, or dealing with routine maintenance, Midland Hardware has what you need for your home, workshop, office, and more.

  • IMC Conduit
    Rigid Conduits, IMC Conduits, Various Sizes, Various Length Conduits
  • IMC Elbows
    90 Degree Elbows, Rigid Corner Pull Elbows, Service Entrance Elbows
  • IMC Parts and Fittings
    Bushings, Nipples, Bodies, Lock Nuts, Thread Body, Strap, Coupling
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