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You can never have too many batteries. How many times have you run out of batteries without realizing you didn't have any left in your closet or drawer? Midland Hardware is pleased to offer you our wide battery selection including all the most-needed battery sizes from great brands like Duracell and Energizer, all at low prices.

We also carry batteries that are harder to find, like watch batteries, calculator batteries, and hearing aid batteries. We have far more battery types here than you can find at your local corner store or hardware store, so if you need to stock up, you can get all the batteries you need right here at Midland Hardware. That's much better than needing to drive around looking for a location that sells every type you need!

  • Duracell
    Batteries, Duracell, Lantern Battery, 6 Pack Duracell, Alkaline
  • Energizer
    Lithium, Alkaline, Rechargeable Battery, Lantern Battery, Battery Charger
  • Hearing Aid Batteries
    1.4 Volt Batteries, Hearing Aid Batteries, Small Batteries
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